Techno Services

Techno Products is a software, website, and mobile application development firm based out of Kolkata. The company’s product fit encompasses a a comprehensive portfolio of products, by GST application to conventional hotel software to ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING solutions.

Their flagship product is Orchids, a network of international schools spanning more than two dozen urban centers in India. The company should provide end-to-end solutions to their clients, together with a full-service collection of technology solutions, organization, and academics support. Interestingly, the company is likewise engaged with TPG, a venture capital organization with deep wallets.

Another technologically advanced product in the company is definitely Let’s Eduvate, an online system for creating and managing digital classrooms. Furthermore to a full-service curriculum, the platform offers various other features, such as university and grounds management software and mobile apps. A third method the Sparkle Box, a mobile game oriented activity kit for childrens.

Among other things, Techno Services was one of the first IT companies to make usage of artificial brains to improve the customer service and speed up application. Although the firm is a fairly adolescent enterprise, it has grown leaps and bounds. Now in the fourth month of operation, the company has a team of dedicated specialists. Even though the firm hasn’t revealed it is exact ideas for the future, the business is certainly looking ahead.

As for the company’s item suite, it is most impressive success is a mastered full-service bunch for over 50 of the country’s leading private schools. This kind of aforementioned task was made conceivable through the business proprietary technology platform, permitting the company to supply its clients a plethora of companies in a controlled environment.

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